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Mobile Isn't the Future of Your Marketing: It's Your Reality

Patrick Leddy | Whiteboard Strategies | 04 May , 2016

In the next few minutes I'm going to show you why mobile isn't just the future of marketing and how it's your reality in the here and now. Today I want to talk about something that I have seen build momentum over the past number of years but in the next 12 months I see this hitting a tipping point and boiling over. I'm talking about the big disconnect between what consumers want versus what we as businesses actually provide.



Mobile isn't the future of your marketing it's your reality

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Mobile isn't the future of your marketing it's your reality


Mobile Isn't the Future of Your Marketing: It's Your Reality


The Stats

73% of people always have their mobile device with them (October 2015 Facebook research).

People pick up their mobile devices 150 to 200 times a day. Result: Almost 30 billion US mobile moments per day total. (Forrester).

Mobile sessions average 1 minute 10 seconds or 177 minutes per day. (2014 Google data).

The Mobile Tipping Point

Bottom line: We’re approaching a Mobile Tipping Point when mobile usage exceeds that of all other devices combined. Global Web Index predicts this will happen in 2018.

It’s Not Good Enough!

Businesses today face opposing forces that compromise the path to success.

Instead of using mobile to build deeper relationships between companies and consumers, most companies are taking a “good enough” approach.

Forrester - 44% mobile is scaled down web version

According to Forrester Research, “44 percent of companies state that mobile services are simply a scaled-down version of their online initiatives.

Bad outcomes for business and customers

I see this time and time again, and it leads to bad business outcomes: poor engagement with users, customer churn and money left on the table.

Measuring the wrong metric

Forrester also notes that the most popular business metric for determining mobile success is “views/traffic to my mobile site/app.”2 We already know this didn’t work for websites, so why would it work with mobile?

The Potential of What Could Be

We have the potential to usher in a new era of brand loyalty and business transformation, if only companies would stop seeing mobile as an extension of what was and see it as a catalyst to what could be.

Pace of Innovation

Today, businesses are not re-imagining their mobile experience fast enough. The vast majority of businesses have failed to innovate at anywhere near the same pace of consumers’ demands and expectations for mobile.

Consumer Shift To Mobile Experiences

Better connectivity, more and smarter devices plus the proliferation of apps means that consumers’ everyday lives are now mobile. Multitudes of businesses will fail if they don’t drastically change their approach to meet and exceed consumers’ mobile expectations.

Its Time to Double Down

The time is now for companies to double down on two key things - becoming insights-driven when it comes to mobile and making sure they truly know their mobile users

The Big Disconnect

Major disconnect between what consumers want and what businesses are currently delivering.